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  a) P.D.College of Law:-
b) Rules & Regulations :-
A Proctorial Board, consisting of the members of the teaching staff and student class representatives, will be jointly responsible for the maintenance of discipline in the College. The following code of conduct is expected from the students :
» To carry Identity and Library cards to College every day.
» To maintain silence in the 'SILENCE ZONE' i.e. corridors, inside and outside the classrooms.
» To attend all lectures, tutorials / preceptorials and extra-curricular activities regularly.
» To keep mobile phones switched off during the classes & not to carry mobile phones during Examinations.
» To switch off lights and fans before vacating the classroom.
» To read Notice Boards every day.
» To use Library, Common Room, or Canteen during free time to avoid disturbing classes.
» To desist from tearing of pages of library books.
» To assist College authorities in maintaining the garden.
» To report all cases of impropriety and misbehavior to the College authorities.
» To observe self-discipline, cleanliness and punctuality.
» Not to use unfair means during Examinations.