Anti Ragging

Anti Ragging Policy

Proctorial Board headed by THE CHIEF PROCTOR, is primarily responsible to ensure that the students of Parsandi Devi College Of Law follow all the framed rules and regulation, in order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere inside the campus.

The key responsibilities of the Proctorial Board are as follows:

  • Ensuring a RAGGING FREE Environment.
  • Ensuring that the students to get help in case of any difficulty. Indiscipline or indecent behavior of any student. cases of individual /group harassment, threats, manhandling etc.
  • Maintain discipline.
  • Ensuring the student’s presence in the class as per university norms of 75% during the semester .
  • Ensure University rules are understood and followed.
  • Ensuring that the student does not indulge in any political activities in the University premises.
  • Ensuring that each student follows the uniform code as per the specified University norms and Bar Council of India (BCI)